Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze: Dive into Wonderland’s Mystique!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze: Dive into Wonderland's Mystique!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze. This captivating game immerses players in the enchanting world of Wonderland, alongside iconic characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and Walter the Caterpillar. It’s an entertainment-packed escapade that will satisfy your wanderlust cravings.

A Visual and Auditory Feast

The game boasts a vibrant and mesmerizing art style that will dazzle your eyes. The accompanying music will enchant your soul, and the gameplay will leave you grinning as wide as the Cheshire Cat himself.

Game Features

  • Line Pay: Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze is a 5×5 symbol snake-tumbling game that offers a unique gaming experience.
  • Wilds and Power Glyphs™: Unleash the power of Wilds and collect Power-Ups to enhance your gameplay.
  • Free Spins Worlds: Join the White Rabbit on a quest to escape the Magical Maze and enter one of three different Free Spins Worlds.

Variety of RTP Models

This rendition of the beloved Playtech IP is available in three different RTP models, ensuring a wide-reaching appeal for players worldwide.

Bjarne Grönnevik, Producer, Shares His Insight

Bjarne Grönnevik, the Producer of Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze, expresses his excitement about this project: “Having a well-known Playtech IP like Adventures Beyond Wonderland as a starting point made it incredibly fun to see where we could take it from within Quickspin. As we had a close collaboration with the Wonderland Live team, it was particularly good to be able to throw ideas back and forth quickly with great and involved feedback. With that impressive foundation, we threw in a combination of Match-3 and Power Glyphs™ to create a game that we love to play, which translates into one we know you’ll love playing. It’s easily recognizable, has global appeal, and fan-favorite mechanics. A winning combination, if I do say so myself.”

Game Features at a Glance

  • Wilds and Power Glyphs™: Collect Power-Ups to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Free Spins Worlds: Choose from three different Free Spins Worlds for added excitement.

Free Spins Worlds

Before the Free Spins begin, one of three random Free Spins Worlds is selected, and you’ll receive a random amount of Free Spins, ranging from 6 to 8. In these Free Spins Worlds, the Power-Up associated with the current world becomes more potent and appears more frequently in the Power-Up Stack:

  • Queen of Hearts Free Spins
  • Cheshire Cat Free Spins
  • Mad Hatter Free Spins
  • Re-trigger Free Spins

Wilds and Power Glyphs™

  • Wins involving 3 or more medium symbols or Wilds spawn a Power Glyph™.
  • Wins involving 3 or more low symbols without Wilds or Power Glyphs™ spawn a Wild.
  • Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols except Power Glyph™ and White Rabbit.
  • Power Glyph™ symbols can substitute for all symbols except White Rabbit.

Power-Up and Power-Up Stack

At the start of each game round, the Power-Up Stack is filled with 12 random Power-Ups. Any Power Glyph™ that contributes to a win activates the next Power-Up in the Power-Up Stack. When there are no more wins, the next active Power-Up takes effect.

Power-Ups Include:

  • Walter Wilds Power-Up
  • The Queen of Hearts Power-Up
  • Cheshire Cat Power-Up
  • Mad Hatter Power-Up
  • Magical Maze Free Spins

Experience the magic of Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze and embark on an unforgettable journey through Wonderland.

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