Dwarfs Gone Wild
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Unleash the power of the pint-sized heroes in Dwarfs Gone Wild!

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Dwarfs Gone Wild

In Dwarfs Gone Wild, join Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as they dig for hidden underground treasures!

The game is set deep inside a mine shaft, and each of the seven dwarfs possess unique powers that help create an explosive gameplay filled with bonus features and free spins!

The Golden minecarts unlock special Dwarf features when the free spins bonus is triggered, and every win that includes a Dwarf symbol is added to the Golden Minecart Bonus meter. The famous beauty’s mirror is also a key feature in this slot, and when triggered, it will reward 300 additional symbols and two free spins!

Paying homage to the classic fairy tale, Dwarfs Gone Wild features Hollywood style animations and a folksy soundtrack that adds authenticity to this exciting game!

Game Information

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Release date
June 12th 2018
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Dwarfs Gone Wild Media

Game Features


Snow White’s mirror is a key feature in this game. When triggered, it rewards 300 additional symbols and two free spins!

This character is a real philanthropist, and he will generously multiply your rewards! Thanks to the banker, your winning spins can be multiplied by x2, x3 or x5.

Spreading Wild
The bomber will run back and forth across the reels, looking for a good spot to drop his magical barrel of “Spreading Wild” explosives! He places one wild symbol, which creates between 2 to 4 additional wild symbols in adjacent positions when it explodes.

Throwback Wild
This dare devil has a need for speed! Travelling at high speeds in his mine-cart, Racer generates between two to five wild symbols and places them in random positions. Watch out!

Free Wild
Huntsman is hungry for prizes! He will take out his gun and aim for the best position to add one wild symbol to the reels. With his precise aim and true hunting spirit, you can trust Huntsman!

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