Cash Truck Xmas Delivery
Cash Truck Xmas Delivery
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Cash Truck Xmas Delivery

Wishing for something special this Christmas? You’re probably waiting in anticipation, dreaming of the day when Santa will pop down the chimney to brighten up your day with joyful laughter and wonderful gifts.

Well, don’t hold your breath. There’s a new Santa in town and he didn’t get the memo. No, this Santa is hellbent on beating the Grinch as Christmas enemy number one – he’s on a mission to grab and hoard as many presents as he can get his filthy fingers on.

We’re throwing you smack bang into the middle of a hijacking, where Santa and his little helpers are chasing a truck loaded with gifts across a frozen lake, doing everything they can to make sure the packages are not delivered to the village on the other side.

Boasting the same superb mechanics that made Cash Truck explode onto the scene like a Molotov cocktail, Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is a holiday game with an edge, and the modern math model from 2022 makes it the go-to game this Christmas season.

Game Information

Min bet
Max bet
RTP's available
96% / 94.05% / 90.05%
Release date
December 1st 2022
Our rating

Cash Truck Xmas Delivery Media

Game Features


Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is a 5-reel, 4-to-7-high slot with 20 base bet ways, featuring Tumbling reels, Expanding Play Area, a Truck Raider Bonus game with a Collect-Multiplier feature that doubles exponentially every time you land a new symbol, plus a chance to win 25,000x your bet!

Tumbling Reels

Symbols in winning combinations are removed and new symbols drop down to fill their spaces. The tumbling continues for as long as there are new winning combinations. Each tumble win is added to the total win.

Expanding Play Area

Each round in the base game starts with a play area of five reels of height 4, plus one locked area of height 3.

Every tumble that creates a winning combination will expand the play area by opening up three randomly selected locations in the locked area and reveal the symbol underneath. The expansion continues for as long as there are new winning tumbles.


The Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Bonus Scatter symbol.

Second Chance Scatter

If there are 2 Bonus Scatter symbols in the open area once all tumbles have been completed, the Second Chance Scatter will occur.

The Second Chance Scatter clears the open play area of all symbols except for the 2 Bonus scatters. The play area will be expanded by opening up three randomly selected locations from the locked area, and new symbols drop down to fill the cleared spaces.

Truck Raider Bonus

If there are 3 or more Bonus Scatters in the base game, the Truck Raider Bonus game will be awarded. If there are more than 3 Bonus scatters, the Truck Raider Bonus game will start with one extra Expander symbol per additional Bonus Scatter.

The Truck Raider bonus game will start with 3 Cash Stack symbols placed at random locations. All symbols in the Truck Raider Bonus game display their value in multiples of the base bet in the game.

The bonus game will start with 3 spins awarded. For each spin, new Cash Stack and/or special symbols can appear. New symbols remain for the entire Truck Raider bonus game.

If one or more new symbols land on a spin, the spin counter is reset to 3. Otherwise, it’s decreased by 1.

At the end of the Truck Raider bonus game, the player will be awarded the sum of all the current symbols multiplied by the bet.

Special Symbols

Expander: The Expander symbol unlocks 3 randomly chosen locations from the locked area.

Booster: The Booster symbol adds its value to all other symbols in the unlocked play area upon landing.

Super Booster: The Super Booster symbol adds its value to all other symbols in the unlocked play area upon landing, and on every spin after that for the duration of the bonus game.

Doubler: The Doubler symbol doubles its value each time the spin counter is reset to 3.

Grabber: The Grabber symbol adds the value of all other symbols in the unlocked play area to its own value upon landing.

Super Grabber: The Super Grabber symbol adds the value of all other symbols in the unlocked play area to its own value upon landing, and on every spin after that for the duration of the bonus game.

Target Eliminated: A total win of 25,000 x the bet will end the Truck Raider Bonus game and the player will be paid 25,000 x the bet.

Buy Feature

Pay to get instant entry to the bonus game! The Buy feature can be activated from the Base Game.

For a cost of 90 x the base bet, you can buy entry to the Truck Raider Bonus game with a guarantee of at least 3 Bonus Scatters.

For a cost of 350 x the base bet, you can buy entry to the Truck Raider Bonus game with a guarantee of at least 3 Bonus Scatters. In addition, you’ll be guaranteed that the Doubler symbol lands on the second spin in the bonus game.

Review of Cash Truck Xmas Delivery

This time Quickspin has released a festive version of their hit slot Cash Truck called Cash Truck Xmas Delivery. The gameplay in this slot is the same as usual, but it has been updated with a Christmas theme in time for the forthcoming holiday season. The game's storyline, however, takes an unexpected turn from the norm in that Santa Claus has joined the game's villainous and become the holiday season's top foe. This Slot contains 5 reels, 4 to 7 rows, and 20 chances to win. Also, You have the option of placing a bet between the minimum of 0.20 and the maximum of 100. The game was developed with three RTPs; but the default is 96.00% and you can win up to 25000X the bet in Cash Truck Christmas Delivery, which has significant volatility.

Clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts are the lower-paying symbols. The ice pick, flame thrower, and gas tank are the medium-paying symbols. A snowman, an elf, Rudolph, and Santa Claus are the top-paying symbols. The wild symbol is a picture of the word WILD, while the scatter is a skull wearing a Santa hat. The functions of the characteristics need to be investigated.

A winning combination in the base game triggers a series of events. First of all, the Second Chance Bonus is triggered if two scatter symbols appear in the unlocked area after the end of the re-spins (except for the two scatters). There is also the Truck Raider Bonus which is activated when three scatters appear. Now, the round starts with three Christmas Gift symbols placed in random places on the board, and each symbol shows a bet multiplier value. New Christmas Gift symbols, special symbols, or blanks may appear during the three winning spins.

The game has a Christmas theme, and we encounter Santa Claus, who, rather than giving out Christmas presents, steals them. We can make out snow-capped mountains in the distance behind the reels, which are situated on an icy highway. You can play this slot on any device, including laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Three or more of the same symbol type, beginning at the far left, form a winning combination.

This Christmas-themed release from Quickspin is, once again, an exciting ride. Over the coming winter, it will be a beautiful and, above all, atmospheric slot to enjoy.  If the highest RTP of 96.00% is used, the game has an excellent RTP, but players should note that lower ones significantly reduce their odds. Likewise, it is packed with prizes worth up to 25000X the bet, so there are definitely plenty of opportunities. Players expecting a radical change will be left wanting, but fans of the original who want to get into the Christmas mood will be delighted with this update.

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