Big Bad Wolf
Play Big Bad Wolf the way its meant to
Watch out little pigs, the Big Bad Wolf is here!

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Big Bad Wolf

Watch out little pigs, the Big Bad Wolf is here and he will huff and puff until he’s blown all your houses down!

Released in 2013, Big Bad Wolf is one of Quickspin’s very first slots – and it’s still one of its most popular and successful games across all markets.

And we’re not surprised. Paying homage to the famous fable The Three Little Pigs, this slot boasts high volatility, charming graphics, and exciting features!

Swooping Reels combined with the Pigs turn Wild feature can make the game rounds go on, and on, and on… continuously adding more of those sweet coins to your account. And the Free Spins Bonus is where the real magic happens! Collect Moon symbols to help the Wolf blow down all three houses and get rewards along the way.

With all it has to offer, it’s no wonder Big Bad Wolf snagged the prestigious ‘Game of the Year’ award at the EGR Operator Awards!

Game Information

Min bet
Max bet
RTP's available
97.34% / 90.01%
Release date
July 16th 2013
Our rating

Big Bad Wolf Media

Game Features

Pigs Turn Wild

With Swooping Reels in combination with the Pigs Turn Wild feature, all winning rounds count – and they can go on for a long time! For every second Swoop, one of the three Pig symbols will turn into a Wild symbol. And 6 consecutive Swoops will turn all three Pigs into wilds!

Free Spins

This is where the real magic happens! When you get 3 Bonus Scatter symbols, you get 10 free spins with the Blowing Down the House feature.

Blowing Down the House Free Spins

In this Free Spins Bonus, you’ll watch the wolf catch the pigs and blow down their house! You can collect moon symbols on the last reel for extra free spins and a chance to get a x2 multiplier. The Pigs Turn Wild feature is active during the Free Spins.

Review of Big Bad Wolf

A Fabled Beginning. Venturing into the world of the Three Little Pigs and the menacing wolf, Quickspin's Big Bad Wolf is a testament to timeless tales brought to life on the reels. As the game that paved the way for subsequent iterations and spin-offs, it remains a cornerstone in Quickspin's repertoire, reflecting the perfect blend of storytelling and gameplay.

Huffing and Puffing: Game Mechanics

Big Bad Wolf dazzles with its 5-reel, 25-payline format, where the wooden houses, cheerful pigs, and cunning wolf take center stage. Animated sequences, coupled with engaging soundtracks, make each spin a leap back into childhood bedtime stories.

Special Features to Relish

  • Swooping Reels: Winning symbols are blown away, making room for new ones, offering consecutive wins and intensifying gameplay.
  • Pigs Turn Wild: With every second win, one of the pig symbols becomes wild, increasing the chances of a lucrative outcome.
  • Free Spins: Land three or more wolf scatter symbols, and the Big Bad Wolf will huff and puff, granting players free spins and a chance to unlock the Blowing Down the House feature.

Legacy of the Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf set a precedent in the slot game world, leading to the birth of sequels and adaptations. Titles such as "Big Bad Wolf Live" and "Big Bad Wolf Megaways" were inspired by this original masterpiece, each bringing new twists while paying homage to the classic.

In summary, Big Bad Wolf isn't just a game; it's a legend in its own right. It invites players to partake in a fable, challenge the wolf, and save the day, all while chasing after bountiful rewards. As the progenitor of a successful series, it remains a must-play for both novices and veteran slot enthusiasts.

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